Selling photos on canvas, wood and metal.  There will come a day when we will sell relief hand prints.  
Genius Minds came about when I was listening to my daughter describe an invention she had just created.  After her explanation she proudly exlaimed, "I'm a freaking genius!"  I thoroughly enjoy the enthusiam she has in her own brilliance.  It made me realize that kids think they are brilliant, smart, artistic, and pretty much the best thing since slice bread.  Somewhere along the way we learn to think the opposite about ourselves.  So I created this venture more for myself as an outward proclamation through my artwork that I'm a freaking genius. 
I have grown up speaking two languages fluently, the first is English and the second is Sarcasm.  Unfortunately I have taught both of these to my daughter who has picked up on it quickly.  
My sense of humor is the kind that laughs at people when they slip and fall.  Why do you care to know this information about me?  I'm glad you asked.  My artwork reflects my skewed perspective I have on life and
the people I meet along the way.  
My intent is not to offend people but I will not apologize for any of my work.  There is a quote I heard once, "if you don't like the way I dance, don't come to the show."  As much
as I would appreciate everyone to love my work, I understand if it's not for you.  If you do however 
fall in love with some of my work, feel free to buy it so I can continue to support my bad habits. 
Zara Essex
Creative Genius
" I'm a freaking Genius!"   
With the world ahead at her fingertips, she sees the world differently than most people.  Always coming up with ideas and inventions.  The world is a big playground.
She really is the inspiration behind the artwork.  
Tyler Essex
The "Skilled" Laborer
" I've got this."
I would never call myself an artist but I have always appreciated art.  After learning some simple technics and different art forms in college I realized how much I enjoyed making it.  I enjoy the process of art more than the final product.  
Art is like a personal journal.  I want to create moments in time for people to stop and smile.